Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Taking the chance to just show some images from our Home School....going to let the pictures tell the story this week :)

Vincent Enjoying our Easter craft!  Dyed egg shells,
crushed to be used to decorate his egg art!

Antonia's Easter Art...with coloured sand and a few other goodies she found in the art cupboard as well.

We witnessed little baby spiders emerging from the sack  today, how fortunate that Spiders were the chosen topic of our nature journaling today!  We use 'The Wonderland of Nature'  as our fieldguide and explore our garden atour own leisure.

Art!  We have discovered the most excellent creative outlet...Polymer Clay!  We use Sculpey, bought from our local Spotlight store.  Every available moment we have during the week is dedicated to sitting at the table and playing/creating keepsakes from Sculpey.  Here are pendants, buttons and beads all made by the kids and I.

Bubbles.....who doesn't love blowing bubbles!

Man, we LOVE doing puzzles in our house!  Everytime we complete one, I take a pic...needless to say, we have tons of photos just like this one!

We sometimes get to eat icecream (tricky with Vincent's gluten intolerance) Yum Yum!  We also go out exploring, here's the kids at a local historical village Richmond, eating icecream and appreciating the classical guitar busker.

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