Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's not all about the girl

You might be surprised to learn that our home education doesn't just revolve around Miss Ant *shock horror*. Our little man Vince places equal with his worldly needs too. This one is just for him.... My busy, active, bright little guy xx

Enjoying an explore of Richmond at the very beginning of our journey in home education.

Enjoying a moment playing his games on the iPad, usually Starfall or Where's Wally.

Huts and toilet roll binoculars!

Picking flowers for his Mama, a very thoughtful little guy our Vince is :)

Vince loves gymnastics! As well as other activities that he does like swimming and running non stop!

Digging around in the garden is good fun too, this is a potato Vincent planted a while he gets to eat it :)

Vincent loves animals, he has a natural attraction to them. And them to him.... Perhaps they sense his nurturing nature?

Horse riding! An outing he got to have without towing in behind his sister. Often I need to remember that he can lead the way and do his own things too, he isn't a shadow of his big sister.

The culinary whizz! He can whip up a great juice!

Vince also learns, because he is a kid and kids LIVE to learn xx

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