Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Time Out Referee!

This week we are calling a 'time out' ....... Miss Ant doesn't cope overly well with stress (she's 7..... So quite natural!) and she has her 1st ever ballet exam next week, as you can imagine the pressure is on! So instead of fighting it, and pressuring her, we are embracing it. How this goes will determine how she tackles stressful situations in future (now I'm stressed!) so, we are relaxing, doing one thing at a time, having small play dates, doing only the work that tickles our fancy and enjoying practicing and seeing the improvements each be confident for the exam.
I know in the 'real world' you can't call a time out during stressful times, but she is 7 and learning.....she's not ready for a bombardment of real life stressors yet! You simply don't learn to run before you crawl, nor can you understand stress management without nurturing support from those close to you.
This is truly one of those 'I am so pleased we home educate!' moments. I am not sure I would be able to be there for her as much as she needs, if it weren't for home education. After all, we have chosen this path as it best suits our family right now. When she was at school, I always felt removed from the situation and was often confused and misled by outside influences as to how to support her through tough times. But not anymore. Now we have our finger on the pulse and our whole family is much better off for it.

Eating cake....made by Miss Ant! Chocolate mud cake with orange icing (even though the icing is pink!).... Was delicious with peppermint tea :D

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