Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stumbling into Day One

So yesterday we started!  We began with Spelling and dictionary work in the morning, then in the afternoon we discussed the latest book she has just finished and Miss Ant started on her book review of it.   It was so nice to sit down and talk ‘book’ with her, we must have done it for over an hour! 
What school teacher can offer that level of support?  Moments like this I find it very validating that I can offer something more, that I can actually add value in her education.
Sometimes it takes having a good chat about  it things get sorted in our own heads, I know that’s how I tick anyway and it appears Miss Ant does too.  Now, her typical ½ page vague book review has evolved into a 3 page character analysis!  After that success, I am going to add that in as an important task for each time she finishes a new book. Not only does it allow her to express her feelings about the book and sort it all out in her head, it shows her that I am interested – and that I want  to share in the experience too.  Now, the usual mundane book review task is a fun opportunity to share how fabulous her experience was.
I also know that simply doing a task because 'Mum asked me to' doesn't rock her boat.  Antonia loves to share her work, so with that, her blog has been reincarnated and is her place to share the final product.  So far so good, her book review should be up on her blog by the end of today!

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